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Service Desk Analyst Interview Technical Questions

Service Desk Analyst Interview Technical Questions :
If you are going for Interview in HCL Technologies Service Desk Analyst or in any other IT Companies like Tech Mahindra, TCS (Tata consultancy services), Wipro then i recommend you to go through these technical question if you directly landed into these page then i suggest you to go first on this page Service Desk Interview Question first because here i wrote some non technical and very most important question too.

Q. If a Users in not able to open any website in his chrome browser what will you do?
A. You know what this problem can be caused by many reasons and you need to explain every of them :
Situation 1. It may be possible that user is not connected to the internet (I mean Lan cable or wifi)
Situation 2. If user is connected to internet then you need to ping some website If ping is coming then you need to check into other browser that it is working on that browser or not. If not then we move into situation 3.
Situation 3. If User is connected to the Internet ping is also coming then it may be possible then his net connection is limited which is a major problem in almost every companies nowadays. For that you need to contact their company network administration or simply you can suggest the user to use his private connection as an alternate.

Q. What is ip Address ?
Ans. An Internet Protocol address (IP address) is a Series of number which assigned to each device connected to a network. It may be a computer, printer, mobile or anything which is connected to the network. You can consider this same as our house address. it has two types IPv4 and latest one IPv6.
Example of an random IP :

Q. What is pubic IP and What is local IP ?
Ans. External and local IP addresses both serve the same purpose, the difference is scope. An external or public IP address is used across the entire Internet to locate computer systems and devices. A local or internal IP address is used inside a private network to locate the computers and devices connected to it.

Q. What are the classes of Ip Address ?
Ans. These are basically ip range. IP has five classes which are class A, B, C, D, E described as below

  • Class A, 0-127 – for example, For large networks with many devices.
  • Class B, 128-191 – for example, For medium-sized networks.
  • Class C, 192-223 – for example, For small networks with the small number of hosts.
  • Class D, 224-239 – for example, For multicast addresses.
  • Class E, 240-255 – for example, Experimental.

Those were almost every asked question related with ip in Service Desk Analyst Interview or any Service Desk interview Desktop Support Interview as per my experience.

Q. What is DHCP and what it is used for?
Ans. It’s abbreviated of Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. It is used for giving ip address to the device automatically which are connected to the network. For DHCP you have to use DNS Server.
Tips – We can also set manually ip to the devices which is still used in small organization

Q. What is DNS?
Ans. DNS means Domain Naming Service, and it is used for resolving IP addresses to name and names to IP address. Like if you type it will convert it into ip address something like . You can check any websites ip via using Ping cmd (Ping -t).

Q. How DNS works ?
Ans. In short you can tell them that when we search any website like then it first checks Host file for ip address which store in C drive/windows/sytem32/etc and if it did’nt find out website ip then it move towards Resolution Cache for ip address. Resolution Cache mainly stored the ips of websites which we searched previously and if it still not able to find ip then

Local dns contacts the root domain to learn the specific domain’s ip addresses … The root domain guides local dns to check with top-level domain(TLD) such as (.com,. Org etc) by providing it’s ip address,,, and local DNS contacts, and ask TLD if it knows the ip address of a particular domain … This tld gives dns server ip address …. And local dns query dns server the same which contains all the information about the domains and ip adress then finally local dns gets the IP address from dns server
So this is how it works.

*Tips : This is the most asked question in HCL Technologies Service Desk Analyst Interview or any Service Desk interview Desktop Support Interview so be prepared.

Q. What is forward and reverse lookup in DNS?
Ans. When we convert an IP address into names it is called Reverse lookup, while converting names into IP address is called Forward lookup.

Q. What is ‘A’ record and what is ‘MX record’?
Ans. Basically A record is Host record which contain Ip address and domain name related record while, ‘MX record’ also known as mail exchanger record, by the help of ‘MX’ record, location of the mail server is identified.  The record is also found in DNS.

So this is all they can ask in dns for Service Desk Analyst Interview, Desktop Support Interview or Customer support Interview according to my experience if you prepare these question in dns then i am 98% sure they will impress with you.

In Service desk, customer support or Desktop support job you will always get problem related to the printers, scanner or system lag, Driver related problem so i suggest that you should have very sound knowledge in that area. Below i am showing you some problem with their solution which i faced in my career.

Q. If printer is not working in a user system then what will be your steps to resolve this problem?
Ans. Ok so this is very common problem basically in this situation you need to go in multiple steps:
1. You need to check printer cable and printer power
2. Printer driver is correctly installed or Not if not then you need to install that printer driver again.
3. User has select right printer name when he is giving printout
4. If it is a network printer then sometime firewall can also cause the problem
5. In network printer sometime printer ip get changed which cause printer failure problem, you can check via pinging them.
6. If you company is using printer server then you need contact it administrator. Because in this situation you cant do pretty much things.
Same Steps goes with Scanner.

Q. Which service is used for printer in windows?
Ans. Print spooler service is used for printer. Sometime if your printer is not working you can just restart this service and it may resolve your problem.

Q. If a user system(Computer) is lagging(slow processing) what will you do?
Ans. In this case i first need to check with task manager (Alt+Ctrl+Delete) that which process or application is causing problem then accordingly i will deal with it.
Tips- Best way to resolve this problem is to stop all unnecessary application which are selected as auto start at startup , clear cache, either by run command like %prefetch%, Temp , or best way is to go with disk cleanup, uninstall all the unusual apps and thats it. You have succesfully speed up your computer.

So guys this is all i found important question till date so far for Service Desk Analyst Interview or any Service Desk interview Desktop Support Interview as per my experience. If you know any thing else then comment below so that i can update them and one more thing as soon as i find out any new question related that posts i will update them.
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