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Service Desk Interview Question (HCL, Infosys, Tech Mahindra)

Hello Guys I found these question by myself because sometime ago i gave interview for service desk and some of them are taken from other sites. So basically if you prepare these questions then i suppose you will do pretty well. All the best …..

Q) What is a Service Desk ?
Ans. “The single point of contact between the service provider and the users. A typical service desk manages incidents and service requests, and also handles communication with the users”.

Q) What is the difference between the service desk and help desk? (Service Desk Vs Help Desk)
Ans. You can give this question answer in many ways but best way is to tell then like pro so they start thinking that you know it very well so here it is “Sir Help desk is a subset of Service Desk, First user lodge their calls (Problems) in service desk then a service desk person transfer it to the helpdesk”.
Or in long form :

Help desk was designed to focus more on fixes and troubleshooting IT issues. The focus was on the IT teams and NOT the end user. Since the primary goal was to help IT teams (and not end users) there was no cap on timelines (Read: SLA), and nothing to govern priority or urgency.
According to the ITIL glossary that came out in 2011 – A service desk is “The single point of contact between the service provider and users. A typical service desk manages incidents and service requests and also handles communication with the users”.

Q) As a service desk analyst, what is the more important qualification you need to have?
Ans. Effective communication, Patient and It skills.
Effective communication enables me to listen to what users need and I can even communicate effectively which means that I won’t lose any information while listening or communicating which helps in fast resolutions.

Q) What is ITIL ?
Ans. The ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a framework designed to standardize the selection, planning, delivery and maintenance of IT services within a business. The goal is to improve efficiency and achieve predictable service delivery. The ITIL framework enables IT administrators to be a business service partner, rather than just back-end support. ITIL guidelines and best practices align IT department actions and expenses to business needs and change them as the business grows or shifts direction.
Basically it mange whole process like from the start to end.

Q) What are the different types of service desk support?
Ans. Basically Four types :
Phone, Email, Face to Face, Web

Q) Can you name few skills that are required by a service desk analyst?
Ans. Sure sir :
Stress-management skills
Time-management Skills
Organizational Skills

Q) What is C sat D Sat ?
Ans. These are basically satisfaction indication. C Sat means Satisfaction, D Sat means Dissatisfaction.

Q) How important is customer service for you?
Ans. The whole business depends on the customer service, and if you are at the help desk you are holding an important position to help the customer in best possible way.

Q) How you deal with the frustrated customer?
Ans. The first thing a help desk person must do is to try understanding the customer, also try to avoid the conflicts or any such things that disturbs the customer. Then you can confront with each other and try to solve the problem.
Or you can tell your made up story…

Q) In a situation where caller did not understand what you are explaining, what you would do?
Ans. First I will repeat the question and try listen to the customer and if the customer is annoyed and is not ready to listen what you are saying, the best thing is to transfer the call to supervisor or another assistant.

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