Good News For Gamers: Starlink Shows 20 ms Latency

SpaceX says its satellite internet service, Starlink, has achieved a latency under 20 milliseconds, wow isn’t that great.

On Friday SpaceX sent data to the FCC in which two benchmark tests, conducted using Ookla’s service, show Starlink achieving a 102 to 103Mbps download rate, 40 to 42Mbps upload rate, and a latency of 18 to 19ms. (Note: Ookla’s owner name is Ziff Davis and’s parent company.)

Generally, we have 25 ms latency over broadband and 50 ms approx over the mobile network which caused us big problem like if you are a gamer and play a lot of online game then you might be familiar with this problem Because if you press any button it will react after 50 ms and if the other person has lower latency like 20 ms then he would have more 30 ms so in this scenario you probably never gonna win.
We can see the latency importance in other fields like Stock Market, Video Conferencing, etc….
So it might be a game-changer because Starlink aimed net speed in Gbps and latency too much low and we can get this internet anywhere around the earth.
According to the presentation, SpaceX is manufacturing about 120 Starlink satellites each month. The goal is to launch thousands of them into space to enable worldwide coverage and download speeds of 1Gbps.

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