Microsoft Intune vs SCCM (Demerit of Standalone Intune)

SCCM (Endpoint Manager)

System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) is a PC and Server Management solution that helps you manage devices on premises as well as on cloud when integrated with Microsoft Windows Intune. It has set of administrative tools to deploy software, protect data, monitor health of resources, and enforce compliance policies across all devices in the organization.

Some basic features of SCCM are as follows:

  1. Windows 10 Management – Through WaaS.
  2. Application Management – Install, update, Uninstall
  3. Device Management
  4. Virtual Desktop Management – Not used in our Environment
  5. Endpoint Protection- For managing Windows defender
  6. Compliance and Settings Management
  7. Software Update Management – Used in updating Office
  8. Power Management – Lan Wakeup
  9. Operating System Deployment – Update, manage, imaging
  10. Client Health and Monitoring
  11. Asset Intelligence
  12. Inventory – Software and hardware
  13. Reporting – Uses WMI
  14.  Remote Access – Remoting tool
  15. Powershell

 Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune is solely a cloud technology. It is also known as cloud variant of SCCM but it is NOT equivalent to SCCM. As SCCM is a much more powerful tool than Intune. You can consider it as a extension of SCCM.

Some basic features of Microsoft Intune are as follows:

  1. Device Configuration – Through compliance policy.
  2. Application Deployment.
  3. Data Protection.
  4. Software Inventory and hardware inventory.
  5. Remote Management – (Through TeamViewer)
  6. Auto Pilot – For zero touch installation
  7. MDM

Problem with Standalone Intune compared to SCCM:

  1. There will be no network Boot Option. (If you don’t have any PXE server)
  2. Windows Driver can’t be managed by Intune.
  3. Needed Unlimited Internet Bandwidth.
  4. Not enough role-based administration.
  5. Need to buy Team viewer License.
  6. We can’t use CMPivot for real-time Data – the impact will be on generating different types of Reports.
  7.  Software Inventory Problem – It will not show all Add Remove Program(Only win_32) link

Solution :

As far Microsoft is not providing same features as we have in SCCM until then we have to use Hybrid Mode SCCM which is a very good option, But if your organization have separated PXE Server and unlimited bandwidth then you can think of moving to the standalone Intune.

Note : This is my personal opinion about SCCM vs Intune because Microsoft is rolling out new update ever week so before commenting to your upper management anything I suggest to check every point with Microsoft official document.


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