RumoRumor: Apple AR Glasses Leak Points to Name, Price & Possible Launch Window

After so many rumors about Apple’s under development AR glasses, But now, some information has come to air following a leak by Jon Prosser (Front Tech).

In his exclusive video, Prosser told that the AR Glasses would be branded as “Apple Glasses”. Apple Glasses will be priced at $499, although one would have to shell out some extra bucks if corrective lenses are required. The leak confirms that the stereoscopic AR headset will have to rely on the user’s iPhone for real-time data processing. He also showed the “almost confirmed” official logo of Apple Glass to the world.

Talking to its capabilities, it has been reported that the device is equipped with a LiDAR (The name LiDAR, now used as an acronym of light detection and ranging sometimes, light imaging, detection, and ranging, was originally a portmanteau of light and radar. Lidar sometimes is called 3D laser scanning, a special combination of a 3D scanning and laser scanning). Although it was known earlier from the leaked iOS 13.1 files that the UI would be called ‘Starboard,’ Prosser reiterated the same. To avoid any privacy issues, Apple has not included a camera in its product design for Apple Glass.LiDAR sensor is also expected to give head-tracking abilities to the device and will also bring in object recognition. Both these features will be similar to what Apple iPad Pro 2020 will offer.

Apple Glass was supposed to hit the markets around Q1 2021, but now due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is very likely that we will see this device be released around October 2021.And public availability of the same would be around early 2022. However, a delay is nonetheless confirmed as the company would move to patent its designs and focus on developing the concept further.

Well nothing is official so we have to still wait for further announcement. One more lets hope that apple will not put it on higher price.

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